• Kindl Gábor

New landing page, new functionalities!

Finally, our new landing page offering three different functionalities for training and race nutrition, is ready.


By using the training function, Enduraid helps you maintain your optimal energy and hydration level by creating your personal refueling plan.

You only have to provide the main parameters of your training such as date, place, chosen activity, and planned intensity. Calculating these, Enduraid will prepare your own refueling plan applying your preferred products.


The race function enables you to give your best performance, based on your preparedness, during a race. Find your race on the list of the registered events and you will get your customized refueling plan with a few clicks.

You don't need to bother with searching for race information (date, place, number of aid stations), we'll do it for you. You'll find the main running, triathlon, and endurance races on our continuously growing list of events. The race is your business, leave fueling with Enduraid.


If you would like to increase the efficiency of your training, nutrition, and recovery choose the lean fuelling function. Lean fuelling means minimal carbohydrate intake during your physical activity.

Provide the main parameters of your training and Enduraid will design your special refueling plan for efficient training, recovery, and weight management.

The protocol has dual result: accessible energy reserves and efficient fat-burning at the same time. Gradual approach is important. Plan your fueling this way maximum two or three times a week at the beginning.

Have a successful new season.