Multiple Hungarian Champion and member of the National Team

IM time: 9:02

Marathon: 2:31

As a hopeful triathlete, I had to face the disturbing fact that I was spending more time at the doctor's surgery than at trainings. Permanent fatigue, recurring colds, inflammations, horrible blood test results decayed my preparation. At that time, I was attending the College of Commerce and Catering as a hotel and catering major, where nutrition and the related hygiene, microbiology, organic and inorganic chemistry were obligatory subjects. Even our first lesson made me feel small, because I had been trying to manage in sports life by getting round the anatomical laws I heard there. The three semesters ending with a cumulative exam proved to be extermely useful.
In 1992, after a failed short distance National Championship, I decided to enter the Nagyatád Ironman Race which happened to be the hottest day of that year. I knew that my success or failure would depend on REFRESHMENT beside healthy attitude. I devised my refreshment plan based on the knowledge I had gained at the college, and it helped me to cross the finish line with a huge smile. After the race, Dr. Gyula Herr Sr., a hospital director head physician asked me how that had worked out, and I told him about carbohydrates, salt, water, and the twenty-minute refreshment cycles enthusiastically. He was the one who then said "From now on you'll come here every year, and before the race, tell every participant what you've just told me." This is story of the birth of "A little science of Ironman" roundtable discussions.

After a while more and more people came to me for help in devising a perfect refreshment plan. And not being able to help to everyone became extremely frustrating. At the same time, I can see year by year how many people cause unnecessary suffering to themselves by not refreshing properly. It was my friend's, Zsolt Zahorec, idea to create an application which can help a lot of  athletes in managing the exceptionally complex challenge of refreshment. When we set out two years ago, we wouldn't have imagined how long it would take to come out with a product which is competitive even on international level. Mathematics, physiology, chemistry, physiscs are intertwined in such a complicated way that we would not have been able to solve the arising problems ourselves. We are aware of our responsibility, becuase those who download and use our application, trust us, since they put their health and with that their lives in our hands.




Marathon: 3:14:55

3000m: 9:56:08

I joined the Enduraid project as a track coach, an organizational communication expert, and a stay-at-home mother in 2015, when things started to roll and someone had to keep things in hand. The exceptionally exciting task and the uniqueness of the product captivated me at once, and the fact that my job is related to sports is just the cherry on top. Our small team has been through a lot recently, but we have set up what we dreamt of. I am convinced that plenty of athletes will benefit from Enduraid, and the use of the application will result in a lot of joyful and balanced race experiences. Enduraid, made with Love!




I have been into triathlon since 1989. I have always striven to become a champion. Sometimes I succeded, sometimes not. I used to think that heat and race knock out each other. I used to be afraid of extreme circumstances.

Having missed several years, I have gained an important experience.

In 2009, I was assisting my wife, Anikó Góg, in her efforts to win the rank of long distance champion, when I spontaneously got into a professional relationship with Gábor Kindl. I had known him for ages, but I perceived him as an excellent athlete and not an expert. He revised our refreshment strategy and modified it. The result was a glorious victory. I was convinced.

Years later, when I was working on an innovation - cooling of course - he called me. 

"Zsolt, we'd have something to talk tabout, we've got some common topics. Synergy, for example."


We sat down and talked. And it turned out that we had been working on the same thing but from a different direction. Innovation, efficiency in sport. Gábor had the knowledge about refreshment, I had the initiative. The result is Enduraid. Our vision was clear. Knowledge should reach every athlete so that doing a race would not only be a matter of luck.