Dr. Gyula Herr

I took the 26th place at the Kenese half distance with 5:28:41 and Enduraid played a great part in it It's not a question any more how I'm going to make my refreshment plan before the Keszthely race. Thank you for being there!

Péter Tóth

I had bananas, water, and salt tablet (Enduraid) for refreshment. I had no problems at all. I wasn't hungry or thirsty No wonder, they have a flair for refreshment plans.

Nitro Tom

I can't recall any times when I entered the Nagyatád race without getting the jitters from that damn refreshment. And now the only thing that sucked my energy was mixing the thing in the morning. Of course, I had been practising that with Enduraid every training every day for two months. The feedback that I had done everything well came on Friday evening first then, of course, at the race.

Csaba Babos

It's a basic rule that one should use what one has tried at the training and works well, and doesn't cause any problems. Besides, I suggest downloading the ENDURAID application with which you can plan your refreshment. And based on my own experiences, I can tell you it works well.

Dr. Gábor Keszthelyi 

One of my colleagues from Sri Lanka, who I gave a lot of training advice to, entered the Frankfurt Marathon. I mentioned  Enduraid to him, and he wanted to try it very much. Well, he listened to the good advice, and improved his personal record with 16 minutes (currently 3:23), and highlighted that he had the perfect energy level with no stomach problems. I think that was a superb test...

Deák István

Józsa Gábor