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Pre-Marathon Dinner

Don´t stuff yourself the night before the race! Contrary to popular belief it is not necessary to add an extra serving of pasta, rice, bread or pastry to carbo-load! Your body is only capable of storing an allotted amount of carbohydrate generated glycogen as energy, so the only thing your carbo-loading will do is add extra weight for you to carry during the race.

Our glycogen storage capacity can be increased through training our systems. An average non-athlete holds 330 grams of glycogen while a trained athlete stores 520 grams of glycogen in their muscles and liver. Between workouts, the body strives to replenish glycogen stores to their maximum capacity. You can also do this by mobilizing storage fats.

Man eating pasta

If you have gotten enough rest before the race, you can be assured that you can hit it with the maximum carbohydrate storage. If you are paying a little attention to it the night before the race, for example, you are eating pasta (a normal portion!) Then only a few toasts and tea in the morning are enough to start the race.

Of course, regular refreshments are important during the race! Don't miss any aid stations! And what to take at the aid stations? Let Enduraid help you!

The race is your business, leave fueling with Enduraid!

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