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Q&A For Marathons

Question: I am preparing for the autumn marathon, the over 25 kms runs are coming now, so there will be a field test as well. Last year, I didn’t fare well, after 30 kms I felt as if something had run out of me, and taking a look at the photos, I saw my shirt covered in salt stains. I did not replenish, just had some iso. Let’s not sugarcoat it, I did it, but ended up getting an IV. And here comes an important experience, 3 minutes after the needle was jabbed in me, I had no problem at all, but I wasn’t let go of course. Apparently, I was short of something, but not sure what happened?

Answer: You have severely dehydrated yourself because the concentration of the refreshments mixed in your stomach became too high. The IV conveyed water and salt to the extracellular space straight away, causing the refreshment to get round the gastrointestinal tract. The task for this year is to achieve the same effect by HYPOTONIC beverages.

Question: You are running, but not paying attention to refreshment for some reason, and suddenly you are starting to feel that there's something wrong. How much time does it take to feel the effect if you take a salt tablet then?

Answer: The rapidity of the effect depends on the solubility and concentration of the salt tablet. The biggest strength of <i:am> salt tablet is its brutally fast solubility which can be boosted if you bite on it before swallowing. The next step is dashing through the stomach and absorption: <> is undefeatable at absorption because there is a small ‘hack’ which enhances the activity of the sodium cotransporters in the intestinal epithelial cells boosting sodium absorption. You only have to take a salt tablet with 1,5 -2 dl of water or sodium-free, low osmolality fluid (e.g.: cola or perhaps alcohol-free beer diluted in 1:1 ratio) The effect is almost immediate. BUT you should prevent a PROBLEM and not handle it. Enduraid does not allow you to blend a refreshment-mix which delivers a high concentration stomach content.

We had a post on overdose on Messenger last week: "In theory, salt tablets can be overdosed just like all good things." But 8 pills per 2,5 hours are not much at all! Of course, you have to take into consideration the salt content of all the other refreshments you have consumed. You will not overdose as long as you drink 2 dl of water on each tablet. To put it in another way, every dl of the refreshment coctail should contain 100mg sodium. Use enduraid to keep danger off.

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