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Dare to take a break!

This 4-6 weeks of active rest period is important from mental and physical aspects. We need to charge up our „batteries” and our family members need to charge up themselves from our presence. This doesn’t mean of course to become coach potatoes but rather to cut back on intensity and length of our physical activity. 

1. Try activities we wanted but had no chance to try so far like yoga or any other interesting gym class, we might find one which we build into our future training program. We should sit down and evaluate our season our preparation as well as our race results. 

2. Value the positives and learn from the mistakes, draw the conclusions and plan the next season. Don’t be afraid of asking professional help or advice if you need. 

3. Spend quality time (now and always) with our family and friends because without their support everything would be much more difficult.

It often happens that during the season we are so deeply in the weekly routine that in the resting period we don’t know what to do after the working hours. Go and watch a movie or go to the theatre, watch your kid’s football practice, do all day fun things on the weekends, stay up all night etc. Enjoy that you don’t need to plan, coordinate, and be a juggler in the triangle of family-work-sport.

It is important to be able to relax. It might feel difficult at the beginning but after a couple of days, be sure, it is going to work out. Don’t get frightened from a couple of extra kilos. 

Keep in mind that if we are not able to relax we are neither able to strain. Don’t forget, as the effect of hard workouts, the improvement in our fitness level happens while resting. The realization that our speed staled can be also demotivating when coming back to regular training. This is inevitable but be smart don’t take a gps with you for a couple of weeks and don’t calculate your speed, this is useless. 

Let our body to regenerate because this is how we can start the next year preparation from a higher level.

The Enduraid team also took some time away to think through the past year. How we can develop to make Enduraid as a mobile race nutrition planner app. more userfriendly, more logical and last but not least more attractive in appearance. This is what we came across:

1. More attractive landing page

2. Implement cycling as part of the fitness test

3. Implement indoor cycling as an option next to triathlon, running and cycling

4. Invite friends button :)

These four developments are on their way but a lot more still listed in our heads so more to come!

Enjoy the break and come back with fresh mind and legs to start the base phase and enjoy the new functionalities of Enduraid!

The race is your business, leave fuelling with Enduraid!

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