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Strengthening your immune system at the end of the Winter. An apple a day...

The human body has three main defensive lines against malevolent microscopic intruders: the skin, the digestive system and the mucous membranes. In the Winter the latter have to stand up to the most intensive attacks. Our main task in the winter months is to continuously strengthen and maintain this very important defensive line.

Strengthening this line does not take very much, there is no need to involve any magic potions, incantations or any other mumbo-jumbo. Our immune system is a very effective defensive mechanism that can usually take care of the nasty intruders itself. It doesn’t need much help to function. Therefore, our main task is not really to strengthen it all the time but more to not weaken it. Viruses and other malevolent causative agents can only pass through the mucous membranes if they dry out to such a degree that actual cracks and vents appear in them. We must prevent the drying out of these membranes as cracks can only appear on the dried out membaranes admitting all sorts of nasty visuses and agents into our body.

According to these facts it is very important to maintain a continuous, balanced humidity level in our home. We should particularly increase humidity after letting in a breeze. We should also prevent our body from dehydration. Athletes are advised to consume drinks with a high Sodium content regularly (e.g. High5 Zero effervescent tablets or Powerade) as Sodium makes it possible for the body to take on and store more water. This way we will have enough water to raise the humidity in our homes and also to keep our mucous membranes healthy and moist.

Besides the above mentioned mucous membranes it is also very important to maintain and nourish our second defensive line (mentioning it second by no means makes it any less vital, naturally). Our digestive system plays an equally irreplaceable role in the defense against viruses and nasty microbes as the mucous membranes. It only seemed reasonable to start this mini-series with the membranes because they can easily dry out due to constant temperature changes.

Maintaining your healthy gut flora through a balanced diet can infuence the state of your immune system greatly. The beneficial effect of a healthy gut flora on your immune system can be further increased by consistently consuming so called „probiotic foods”. Eating yoghurt with living bacteria every day (specifically the ones without a specific added flavour) can contribute greatly to a healthy bacteria flora in your digestive system. Sauerkraut has a similarly beneficial effect – sadly it has become rather neglected lately despite its great traditions in Hungary.

Running events scheduled for the Spring are approaching slowly but steadily so don’t let a simple cold get you out of the groove. Be prepared to do what you can!

Don't forget! Exercise+Good nutrition=Health

Proper fitnes+proper race nutrition= Optimal performance

Running events scheduled for the Spring are approaching slowly but steadily so don’t let a simple cold get you out of the groove. Be prepared to do what you can!

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