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Aid stations

The springtime street running races are on their way. And along with spring comes warmth, which we are, of course, very happy about. It is a difficult period because our body suddenly needs to adapt to running in 15 to 25 °C instead of -5 to 5°C, which has been more and more typical of the recent years.

Marathon and half-marathons are coming, and if you take one piece of advice on race nutrition, you should never miss a refreshment station. Not even the first one where you might not feel the need for refreshment. I know it might feel unpleasant to slow down, to stretch your arm for a cup, you might get sprinkled, you might get sticky, your pace might be broken, and we haven't even mentioned the execution of the simple movement of drinking. But it's worth, believe me. It's a sin to miss out an aid station, furthermore it's a serious foul up to your body because what you missed to replenish at 10 km, you won't be able to make up at the refreshment station at 15 km. The cause for this is fluid tolerance.

In case of medium intensity running, you can consume maximum half a litre of water an hour. Your stomach might detest a larger amount. Don't try to consume all the recommended half-litre of fluid at one station, because you'll end up in unnecessary agony. Refreshment stations are located at every 5 kms in marathons and 2 to 5 kms in half-marathons. The above suggestion should be kept in mind even more due to the more rarely set up aid stations. To shade the above instruction, if you take water at one aid station and iso drink (carbohydrate replenishment with fluid refreshment) at the other, you won't face any big problems during the race. If you bear these suggestions in mind, that is taking water at one refreshment station and isotonic drink at the other, your perfomance will not hinge on refreshment.

Preferring solid refreshments will make it a bit more difficult, but in this case use Enduraid's program to plan your race fueling.

Focus on the race and leave fueling with Enduraid.

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