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Indoor cycling to me...

Fill in the gap! :) Indoor cycling to me is ............................

Spinning (indoor cycling) is a great winter bike training option, however due to the lack of dynamic wind, sweat rate and dehydration risk is significantly higher. Dehydration has a more direct and brutal impact on performance and regeneration than the lack of energy.

The most important prerequisite of both maintaining performance during activity and recovery after it is ensuring a hydrated state. During hydration not only water, but also electrolytes must be replenished in the same proportion and amount as they are being lost. A glass (2dl) of water and a salt tablet not only makes the training easier but also facilitates recovery after it. Taking a salt tablet with 2 dl water 20 min. before and one at the start of the spinning training is an excellent "preventive strike".

Have fun, it's almost spring!

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