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Race nutrition plan example

Balatonman Hungarian Triathlon Middle Distance National Championship (1.


Temp.: 23 degrees Celsius, humidity: 84 %

Before start: 1 pcs Squeezy Tomato Gél + 1pcs <i:am> salt tab+ 2 dl water

Bike: 4 pcs Squeezy Tomato Gel + 2pcs Squeezy Lemon Energy Super Gel + 8pcs <i:am> salt tab+ total 2,4 l water.

Run: 2 pcs Squeezy Lemon Energy Super Gel + SiS go Isotonic Energy Gel (60 ml) + 6 pcs <i:am> salt tab.

Result: AG 2nd place in 1 minute from first position.

Your personal race nutrition plan can be different depending on your height, weight, fitness level and planned race time.

The race is your business, leave fueling with Enduraid.

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