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Refreshment period

Under average temperature (20-24 °C) environment, consumption of 60 grams of carbohydrates is advisable. 400-500 mg of sodium effectively enhances the absorption of the "solution". It does not mean that you must take a refreshment only once during a long distance triathlon or marathon race. The ideal interval between refreshments is 15-20 minutes. Try to divide your planned refreshment up into 20mg of carbohydrates and 3 dl of water in every 20 min or 15 mg of carbohydrates and 2 dl of water in every 15 minutes. All refreshments (bars or gels) contain sodium (common salt), however, by adding a salt tablet to them you help your body in the absorption of carbohydrates and enhance proper hydration as well. Heads up! If you choose banana, you must consume salt as well!

You can see Réka Brassay's refreshment "pack" for the Hawaii World Championship in the picture.

Focus on the race and trust refreshments with Enduraid.

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