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Hydration is key

In this recent hot weather hydration is important for the everyday life and is a major performance factor in sport. During Hydration, we understand the consumption of electrolytes lost by sweating, especially sodium, not just water. How should we use the salt products?

Special refreshment on a very hot race day

The proposed quantity is 100 mg ( 2,5 g of common salt - nacl) / 1 dl fluid, which may be exceeded by 20 %- I wrote liquid and not water because it may contain carbohydrates (max concentration 8 %) as well. In case of a high heat-humidity coefficient, not only the hourly quantity shall be taken into account, but the amount of liquid consumed. If you have to drink only 6 dl of water per hour, it is enough to take 3 pcs (200 mg Na /pcs i:am salt tab), but in case the liquid consumption is 1,2 l, then 6 pcs should be taken. With a right or wrong hydration procedure, we do not only affect today's training but tomorrow's as well.

For the everyday life with a varied diet including 2 liters of fluid on a daily basis, you don't need extra electrolyte replacement. In case, a very hot day or period requires more than 2 liters of fluid consumption/day you need electrolyte replacement, even if you don't do any sports, as per described above.

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